Kevin Gray is a lecturer in International Relations at the School of Global Studies, University of Sussex. He is the author of Korean Workers and Neoliberal Globalisation (Routledge, 2008), Labour and Development in East Asia: Social Forces and Passive Revolution (Routledge, 2015). He has co-edited volumes on (with Barry Gills) People Power in an era of global crisis: rebellion, resistance and liberation (2012); (with Craig Murphy) Rising Powers and the Future of Global Governance (2013); (with Barry Gills) Rising Powers and South-South Cooperation (2017). He has published widely on various aspects of East Asian political economy, and his work has appeared in Review of International Political Economy, Journal of Contemporary Asia, New Left Review, Pacific Review, North Korean Review, Globalizations, New Political Economy, and Third World Quarterly.


Project Summary

This project seeks to examine in what ways and to what extent economic reform is currently underway in North Korea. It will explore how the current reforms under the Kim Jong Un government compare to previous economic reforms efforts as well as how they compare to earlier experiments with market socialism in China and Vietnam as well as in the former Soviet bloc. In addition, the project aims to examine the mutual relations between North Korea's economic reforms and the state’s external economic relations and political and security postures. It is envisaged that the answers to such questions will have important implications for international policy towards North Korea, including international sanctions policy, as well as for scholarly debates around post-communist transitions, international sanctions, and development more broadly.


Major Publications