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Laurel Bryant

Guest Speaker

    Professional affiliation

    NOAA Fisheries

    Full Biography

    Laurel Bryant is the Chief of External Affairs in the newly organized Office of Communications in NOAA Fisheries. Graduating from University of Washington with a degree in Political Economics and Environmental Sciences, in 1989 Laurel began working for the House Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee -- predecessor to the House Natural Resources Committee. By 1994, she jumped ship to join the National Marine Fisheries Service where among other positions, she has served as the Executive Director to the Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee, and launched a number of key initiatives to provide more timely information about agency science and stewardship mission, including the weekly electronic newsletter FishNews, and the seafood web interface FishWatch. In her current position, she has focused on building strategic partnerships for the agency to strengthen communications with a broader spectrum of stakeholders involved with the seafood supply chain and coastal fishing communities, and build greater familiarity and public support for U.S. responsibly managed fisheries and seafood.