Marcelo Sergio Bergman is a Sociologist and Professor at the Department of Legal Studies at CIDE (Research Center for Teaching Economics) in Mexico City, and a Level III Member of Mexico’s National Research System (SNI).  He has BA and MA degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a PhD. from the University of California at San Diego. He has worked and published on state and law enforcement in Latin America and on Criminality and Public Security in Latin America. He was the founding director of PESED (Research Program on Crime and Public Security in Mexico) and has directed many victimization and inmate surveys.  His most recent books are: “Tax Evasion and the Rule of Law in Latin America: The Political Culture of Cheating and Compliance in Argentina and Chile”, “The Challenges of Rising Criminality to Democracy and Rule of Law in Latin America” and “La Confianza y el Derecho en América Latina.”