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María Eugenia Campos Galván

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Governor of Chihuahua, Mexico

Full Biography

Maru Campos studied in La Salle, and in the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM), from which she has a Bachelor’s degree in Law. She completed two different Master’s programs thanks to a few scholarships: one of them is a Master’s in Public Policies and Administration from ITESM, and the other one is a Master’s in Government and Latin American Studies from Georgetown University. She was a lecturer at ITESM in Chihuahua City, where she also litigated after graduation. She was invited to the Mexico Secretariat for Home Affairs, to lead the coordination and transparency efforts of several social programs.

She was a Member of the Federal Congress for Chihuahua. Afterwards, she was the LICONSA delegate in Chihuahua. Maru has also collaborated with the Federal Electricity Commission in the resolution of complex social problems and conflicts, as an advisor of the CEO. In 2013, she was elected as a local congress-woman for Chihuahua City, where she characterized herself for demanding improvement of construction projects and services, as well as transparency in the public accounts.

In June 2016, she was elected Mayor of Chihuahua 2016-2018, becoming the first woman in Chihuahua’s history to be elected. And in July 2018 she was reelected, reiterating the trust of Chihuahua City’s citizens. In March 2020, she took the oath as President of the National Conference of Mexican Municipalities. In January 2021 she asked Chihuahua’s Council for a leave of absence to participate in the internal political party contest to choose who would run as candidate for Chihuahua’s governorship, which she won. In June 2021, she was elected as the new Governor of the State of Chihuahua.