Project Summary

This research represents an anthropological comparison of three groups: the Ob-Ugrian Khanty, the Turkic Yakut, and the Yukagir of Norther Yakutia, using data derived from frield work in 1975, 1985-1986, interviews with Soviet anthropologists, research in Soviet archives, and from published sources in the USSR and the West.

Previous Terms

Affiliation: Post-doctoral Research Fellow Wilson Center Project(s): The Tenacity of Ethnicity: Strategies of Cultural Survival and Interaction in West Siberia Term: Oct 01, 1982 - Oct 31, 1982 . Project Summary a study of Siberian culture change; field data from participation in a Northern Ob River Soviet ethnographic expedition in the summer of 1976; archival data from the Leningrad Tsentralnyi Gosudarstvennyi Istoricheskii Arkhiv and Tegy and Kazym village records; museum material analysis in Leningrad and Helskinki