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Martín Fernando Nieto Nieto

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Commander, Joint Intelligence Command, Military Forces of Colombia

Full Biography

Major General Martín Fernando Nieto Nieto graduated from the Military School of Cadets in 1982. Since obtaining the rank of Captain, he has worked primarily on issues concerning military intelligence. As a Lieutenant Colonel, he was Director of the School of Intelligence and Counterintelligence within the Colombian National Army. For two years, he led the Army’s Central Military Intelligence Unit and stood out for his contributions to a military operation (Operación Camaleón) that successfully rescued kidnapped members of the Colombian military and National Police. Upon receiving the rank of Brigadier General, he served as Head of Intelligence and Joint Military Intelligence Command of the Military Forces of Colombia. He has held active participation in the Advisory Committee of the Defense Sector to the Peace Process (Mesa Asesora del Sector Defensa al Proceso de Paz). He also has formed an integral part of the Technical Subcommittee for the End of Conflict (Subcomisión Técnica del fin del Conflicto) participating in negotiations with members of FARC in Havana, Cuba. He currently leads the Joint Intelligence Command of the Military Forces of Colombia.