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Martin Nweeia

Global Fellow


    January 27, 2022 — December 31, 2023

    Professional affiliation

    Lecturer, Harvard University; Assistant Professor, Case Western Reserve University; Research Associate, Smithsonian Institution; Research Associate, Canadian Museum of Nature

    Full Biography

    Dr. Martin Nweeia is a dental surgeon, Arctic marine mammal scientist, dental anthropologist, and educator. He has received two Smithsonian fellowships, was co-content curator for the exhibit Narwhal Revealing An Arctic Legend, and co-author for the award-winning book with the same title.  Martin is current Vice President in the Explorers Club, receiving 16 prestigious awards and recipient of the Lowell Thomas Award.  In addition to academic positions at Harvard, Case Western Reserve, Smithsonian Institution, and the Canadian Museum of Nature, Nweeia has received eight NSF grants in polar research, neurobiology, and augmented reality. In a Highlight from NSF to the U.S. Congress, Nweeia's work was described: "The research is a model for future scientists to utilize as they seek to better understand our world." AAAS featured Martin's transformative research in the 2007 Abelson Lecture Series. Martin is principal investigator for Narwhal Research, The Narwhal Genome Initiative, and Narwhal HoloLens.