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Maryna Rudenko

Former George F. Kennan Fellow


    October 1, 2016 — December 30, 2016

    Professional affiliation

    Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Specialist

    Wilson Center Projects

    Improving Women Access to Justice During War Conflict: Best Practices and Lessons for Ukraine.

    Full Biography

    Maryna Rudenko has 20 years’ experience supporting parliamentary and justice reforms, gender mainstreaming and civic engagement in Ukraine. She is experienced in building the capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) to participate in government decision-making, conduct government oversight and accountability activities, and promote inclusion of marginalized groups, including women facing multiple forms of discrimination. Currently, she is providing consultancy on GESI for the USAID Monitoring and Learning Supported Contract. She managed UN Women “CEDAW in Action!” Project. She served for the USAID-funded FAIR Justice Project and worked to engage citizens and CSOs in government oversight activities in the justice sector, through court performance evaluations and citizen report cards. Previously, she was a Civil Society Programs Manager for the USAID-funded Parliamentary Development Project II where she conducted training for citizens and CSOs on participation in the legislative process. She has a strong knowledge of international gender equality and women’s rights legislation, gender mainstreaming in project implementation and monitoring. Maryna has cooperated with women’s CSOs on reporting CEDAW, Beijing Platform for Action, SDGs, advocating for realizing the intersectionality of women’s rights.