Matt Mosteller, is Vice President, Resorts of the Canadian Rockies (RCR), the largest private mountain resort owner/operator in North America. He is an innovative thinker and leader within the ski and snowboard industry. Known for his passion and dedication, Matt’s ability to understand and target diverse markets has made him a strategic member of the travel industry and resort community. Matt has played a key role in developing North American air routes to stimulate economic development between the US and Canada with his involvement with the Strategic airline development campaign for the Canadian Rockies International airport. Instrumental in bringing the first new non-stop air service from the US to a new airport in the Canadian Rockies in the last 5 year. Developing branded campaigns to support the innovative 2 Nation Vacation. Involved in the past in Regional and currently in Provincial Tourism committees to support tourism growth initiatives. Spearheaded youth programs in 2 provinces to get kids outdoors and active in Winter to fight childhood obesity- over 20,000 kids have participated in the program.