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Mayor Harry K. Brower, Jr.

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Mayor, North Slope Borough

Full Biography

Harry K. Brower, Jr. is the Mayor of the North Slope Borough and lifelong resident of its northernmost community, Barrow Alaska. Harry is a whaling captain and is a proud provider to his wife and five children, numerous relatives, and members of his community as a very active subsistence hunter. Harry has served previously as the Deputy Director of the Borough’s Wildlife Management Department, Chairman of the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission, and Chairman of the Subsistence Subcommittee of the Arctic Waterways Safety Committee. In addition to his work on behalf of bowhead whale and other marine mammal subsistence hunters, Harry has been heavily involved in the design and implementation of efforts to document levels of subsistence harvest in the North Slope villages and land use by subsistence hunters. Harry also serves as a member in numerous committees and councils in Alaska and has involved himself internationally, representing the Inupiat people at meetings of the International Whaling Commission. He has participated in numerous public hearings and public meetings regarding potential impacts of industrial activity to wildlife and subsistence hunting activities. Harry is a regular guest presenter on subsistence related topics at various local, state, and national conferences.