Project Summary


Morgan Wright is the Vice President, Global Public Safety Segment, End To End Long Term Evolution (4G) for Alcatel-Lucent. In his role he is responsible for developing solutions and strategies to deploy public safety networks throughout the world. Morgan spent 17 years in State and Local law enforcement as a city officer, state trooper, detective and supervisor. He holds degrees in Human Resource Management and Computer Information Systems. Wright was previously an instructor for the Antiterrorism Assistance Program, Diplomatic Security Service, US State Department. He is a former member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer for the Integrated Justice Information Systems Institute (IJIS), a non-profit organization dedicated to solutions in justice and public safety.

Prior to his current role, Morgan was the Global Industry Solutions Manager for Public Safety and Homeland Security at Cisco. He was responsible for worldwide development and deployment of public safety and homeland security solutions based on Cisco advanced technologies, and received two Frost and Sullivan industry awards for Technology Leadership in Public Safety (2005) and Government Solution of the Year (2005). Morgan was also the Executive Sponsor of the IACP/Cisco Community Policing awards that recognizes excellence globally in public/private problem solving.

Prior to Cisco, Morgan was a Senior Manager with BearingPoint and spent 1.5 years leading the Law Enforcement Information Sharing Program (LEISP – now OneDOJ) at the US Department of Justice. The LEISP was designed to create the overall strategy of how information and intelligence was shared between the federal, tribal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Morgan was the primary author of the Concept of Operations for the services to be delivered under the LEISP, and worked closely with representatives from the Global Information Working Group, SEARCH, NLETS, FBI, BATFE, DEA, USMS, and state and local law enforcement. He was also the primary Subject Matter Expert for the Terrorist Watch List Consolidation project under DHS for BearingPoint.

Morgan was also employed at Unisys where he worked on several intelligence projects, including the Technology Exploration Development for the Counterintelligence Field Activity, Joint Counterintelligence Group, Department of Defense. He also led the team that developed the seized asset management system for the Colombian government in Bogotá, under the Plan Colombia initiative at the US Marshals Service.

Morgan has made numerous national media appearances on The Fox News Channel where he is a regular contributor, CNN, National Public Radio, ABC Nightline, CBS News and various print media as an expert on computer crime, cyberterrorism, computer intrusions and investigations. He is the author of two chapters in the 4th Edition Computer Security Handbook (Wiley and Sons) entitled ‘Working With Law Enforcement’ and ‘Cyberspace Law and Computer Forensics’.

As Detective awarded:

  • Meritorious Service Award (1994)
  • Medal of Valor (1996)
  • Gold Meritorious Service Award (1997)

As Police Officer awarded:

  • Bronze Award of Merit (1994)

As State Trooper awarded:

  • Governor’s Award for Valor (1987) (Awarded only 7 times since 1937)
  • Gold Award for Valor (1988) (Dual award from KS Chiefs and Sheriffs Association)
  • Attorney General Good Life Award (1988)
  • Over 40 Letters of Commendation