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Mykhailyna Skoryk-Shkarivska

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Deputy Mayor, Bucha City Council


Mykhailyna Skoryk-Shkarivska has been working in the Bucha City Council since May 2020. She is responsible for issues of economy, investments, digitalization, international cooperation and cooperation with media, public sector, international funds and missions.

Skoryk-Shkarivska is a journalist by education (2002). She has worked in Ukrainian media for over 20 years in various positions, is the author and co-author of more than two dozen educational programs and trainings, in particular, online courses on information verification and countering Russian propaganda and work in social networks. She has experience in cooperation with international media companies, in particular, she had contracts with NBC, CBC, McClatchy,, and implemented educational projects in Belarus.

Skoryk-Shkarivska received the national Teletriumph award for the series of programs "Black and White with Anatoly Borsyuk".

In Russia's war against Ukraine, she took an active public position, for which she was blacklisted by the Kremlin. Her first husband, Serhii Shkarivskyi, director of a transport company, went to the front as a volunteer and died in August 2014 at the hands of a Russian sniper.

In 2020, she changed her profession, focusing on work in local self-government bodies. Simultaneously with her work in Bucha, she is an elected deputy of the Irpin City Council, where she performs representative functions.

Skoryk-Shkarivska is raising son Hlib, 7 years old. His father is mobilized in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.