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Natalia Ruiz Morato



September 4, 2018 — June 7, 2019

Professional affiliation

Independent Consultant and Member of Constitucionalismo Comparado research group of the National University of Colombia

Wilson Center Projects

Environmental Peacebuilding and the Goldmining Sector in Post-Conflict Colombia

Full Biography

Natalia Ruiz Morato holds a PhD in Law from the National University of Colombia and earned her MA in International Studies from Korea University. She is an independent consultant in Law and Development for public and private institutions in Colombia, on issues related to international development, ethnic and indigenous rights, and social and environmental justice. She has published several academic papers and book chapters on these topics. She is also a member of the Constitucionalismo Comparado research group of Colombia’s National University. Her current work focuses on aspects of rural reform in the Colombian Post-conflict, in coordination with the initiative of the Colombian-German Capaz Institute. She has been Associate Professor at LaSalle University and lecturer at several universities in Colombia.



Major Publications

“Paz ambiental, conflictos territoriales y minería ilegal en la implementación del Acuerdo de Paz” Paz Territorial y Tierras. Una mirada crítica frente a los acuerdos de la Habana, edited by B. Marquardt, J. Martinez y M. Sanchez. Bogota:Ibañez, 2018 [ISBN 978-958-749-878-3]


Estudio de derecho comparado internacional del precedente jurisprudencial constitucional: propuesta metodológica para Colombia. Bogotá, Instituto de Estudios del Ministerio Público, 2018 [ISBN 978-958-734-236-9]


“Resistance and the Survival of the Indigenous Justice in Colombia.” Revista Científica General José María Córdova, Vol.14, No.17 (January-June 2016), pp.347-375 [ISSN 1900-6586]