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Olli Seuri

Former Short-term Scholar; Finnish Scholar

Professional affiliation

Postdoctoral researcher, Tampere University, Journalist, Yle
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  • History
  • Journalism
  • Hybrid Media System
  • Disinformation
  • Countermedia
  • Gatekeeping Theory

Full Biography

Olli Seuri, DSocSci, is a postdoctoral researcher affiliated with the Faculty of Social Sciences in Tampere University. In recent years he has focused on a variety of issues related to journalism and its boundaries in the hybrid media environment. His doctoral dissertation was on journalistic history-making. Seuri is also an award-winning journalist working for Yle (Finnish broadcasting company), and he has previously worked as a Professor of Practice in journalism (2019–2020) at the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences at Tampere University. He has published journalistic interview guidebooks both in Finnish and Swedish as well as co-authored a popular non-fiction book on post-truth and media called ”Totuuden jälkeen – Miten media selviää algoritmien ja paskapuheen aikana” (Teos, 2018).

Major Publications

Seuri, O. & Mattsson, A. (2022). Öppna frågor: En guide till bättre svar. Gleerups. (”Open questions: A guide to better answers.”)

Seuri, O., Ikäheimo, H-P. & Huhtamäki, J. (2022). What Happens When Platforms Mediate the Audience–Journalism Relationship? In V. J. E. Manninen, M. K. Niemi & A. Ridge-Newman (Eds.). Futures of Journalism. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham (pp. 227–243).

Seuri, O. & Ramstedt, K. (2022). Remixing News: Appropriation and Authorship in the Counter-media. Media and Communication 10(1), 110–119.

Vihma, A., Hartikainen, J., Ikäheimo, H-P. & Seuri, O. (2018). Totuuden jälkeen – Miten media selviää algoritmien ja paskapuheen aikana. Teos. (”Post-truth – Media survival strategies in the era of bullshit and algorithms.”)