General Óscar Naranjo is Vice President of the Republic of Colombia. Before becoming Vice President, General Naranjo served as Plenipotentiary Negotiator for the Colombian government in the peace negotiations that led to the signing of the historic peace accord with the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC). General Naranjo has had a long and distinguished 36-year career in Colombia’s National Police, making major contributions in the areas of criminal investigations and intelligence. He played an instrumental role in the 1990s in the process of reform and professionalization of the National Police, becoming head of police intelligence in 1995 and leading significant efforts in the country’s fight against narcotrafficking. Among the many other senior positions he has held are chief of police for the city of Cali and head of the Directorate of Judicial Police and Intelligence (DIJIN).  He served as General Director of the National Police from 2007 to 2012, appointed first by President Álvaro Uribe and continuing under President Juan Manuel Santos. In 2010, General Naranjo became the first police officer to be promoted to the rank of four-star general.  As Vice President, General Naranjo leads the coordination and consolidation of four key areas: the implementation of peace agreements, citizen security and the fight against organized crime, the protection of social leaders and human rights defenders, and national counter-narcotics policy.