Pasi Kuoppamäki is the chief economist of Danske Bank A/S in Finland. He has worked at the bank in research, investor relations and risk management functions since 2000. He is 48 years old, and before his financial markets career, Mr. Kuoppamäki worked at the Research Institute of Finnish Economy (Etla), Ministry of Trade and Industry, and Bank of Finland. He has an MSc degree in economics from Aalto University School of Economics in Helsinki.

Project Summary

Free trade, capital flows and movement of people across borders face stronger opposition in many countries in the EU and American continent. In general, free trade has improved global well-being enormously, but it is also true that free trade does not treat all people equally, and critical sentiment towards international trade can have rational economic reasons. Unfortunately, it seems that the establishment has often failed to convince voters of the benefits of free trade. In addition, economics as a science does not seem to mean much to the average voters, who are more willing to hear alternative truths. Pasi Kuoppamaki aims to study the reasons behind rising acceptance of anti-trade reasoning among the public in different countries. He also analyses if some institutions have been able to create wide trust as beacons of truth.