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Peace Musonge

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Founder, Bakatoa, Uganda

Full Biography

Dr. Peace Musonge is a scientist and entrepreneur. She holds a Ph.D. in Biosciences Engineering from Ghent University, Belgium. She is a Mandela Washington alumnus at UC-Berkeley Goldman school of public policy in civic engagement. She has collaborated on international research projects in Africa, Asia, Europe, South, and North America. Peace is a mentor of African youth in STEM. She was a Global Landscape mentor at the Paris COP21. She has MIT professional education related to connecting climate change science to solutions. She applied this knowledge in her research in the Rwenzori region, a World Heritage site. She developed the first-ever Ugandan biotic index for ascertaining ecological water quality in the Rwenzori rivers. Peace is currently a member of the advisory and policy committee at OurWorldHeritage foundation. Her entrepreneurship is focused on offering data-driven sustainable green solutions in the water-food-technology nexus that integrate climate change adaptation and mitigation measures.