Pedro Aspe is co-Chairman of Evercore Partners, a leading investment bank in the United States, and CEO of Protego/EVR, headquartered in Mexico City. Since 1996 Protego has advised regarding more than 250 transactions, including private equity placements, mergers & acquisitions, project financing and municipal bonds. In 2006, Protego combined with Evercore Partners, based in New York. Dr. Aspe has been a professor of Economics at the Mexico City University ITAM and has held a number of positions with the Mexican government. Aspe was founder of INEGI (National Bureau of Statistics), Secretary of the Budget and Secretary of Finance of Mexico. Dr. Aspe is a member of the Visiting Committee of the Department of Economics at MIT and co-Chairman of the North American Forum. He is a member of the board of CIDE, The Carnegie Corporation, McGraw Hill Companies, and Televisa.