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Pelerson Penido Dalla Vecchia

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

President, Roncador Group 

Full Biography

Grandson of Pelerson Soares Penido, founder of the Roncador Farm, Dalla Vecchia is CEO of the Roncador Group. 

Roncador's goal is to improve its sustainable production, centered on the integration between agriculture and livestock systems that intensifies and recovers degraded pastures. 

With 152,000 hectares, half of which are native forests and areas of permanent preservation, Roncador Farm, one of the largest in Brazil, adopts the crop-livestock integration system. Instead of harvesting only one crop, that of meat, Roncador has also started to harvest soybeans and corn, with the adoption of the crop-livestock integration system (ILP). 

The farm currently has a herd of about 60,000 cattle with supplemental feed and a short period in confinement. The pastures integrate a rotational system between soybean planting and pasture, which helps in soil nutrition and intensifies food production within the same area. 

The farm abandoned the low productivity data to raise its production. The jump was 16 times in food production. In the 2007/2008 harvest, between meat, corn and soybeans, Roncador produced 9.6 thousand tons. In the 2019/2020 data, the amount produced was 158.7 thousand tons. In this same period of the 2007/2008 to 2019/2020 harvests, the farm went from a broadcaster to a GHG hijacker. It emitted 17,500 tons of CO2 equivalent to -231,600 tons of CO2 equivalent.