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Peter Young

Guest Speaker

    Professional affiliation

    Producer and Director of Photography, Fisheye Films Ltd.

    Full Biography

    Peter Young is an award-winning documentary maker from New Zealand with a strong passion for the environment, Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. Peter was a founding member of the Last Ocean environmental campaign which called for the protection of the Ross Sea. He produced, shot and directed the internationally acclaimed feature documentary The Last Ocean (2012) and in the same year he was named New Zealand Independent Producer of the Year. 

    Peter has won many awards for his work and has credits in well over a hundred documentaries, among them BBC’s Blue Planet Series, Quest for the Giant Squid for Discovery Channel, and Hunger for the Wild, Coasters and Get Fresh for Television New Zealand. His latest documentary series Fight for the Wild looks at the plight of New Zealand’s native wildlife and the Predator Free 2050 movement that aims to protect it. It won Best Factual Series at the 2021 NZTV Awards. 

    Peter is well versed with filming in Antarctica and expedition-based documentaries. For credits and awards visit: