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Petter Lundström

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Political Science Student, Umeå University 

Full Biography

Having grown up in the midst of major political shifts, overwhelming environmental issues,  the rise of radical nationalism and economic domination of borderless globalism, Petter left the construction business and trade union and moved from Piteå to Umeå in order to understand the changing political and cultural environments.

His work within youth organizations has granted him valuable insight regarding the conditions for organizing young people. Petter has been affiliated with Unga Byggare, the youth section of the Swedish Construction union; chaired Nordpol, a student-union subsection for social science students; and has a central role in Samhällsvetarsektionen, a subsection of Umeå Student Union with a larger scope of membership. This is coupled with understanding of Swedish political history, as well as experience in municipal levels and the difficulties facing this most fundamental building-block for democratic society.