Phoebe Woorim Moon is a M.A. candidate in Korea University, located in Seoul. She is working as a junior scholar in Woodrow Wilson Center funded by the Korea Foundation Global Internship Program. Her B.D. is on French literature and language, and political science and international relations. With this literary background, Phoebe intends to study the human within international politics, majoring in political psychology.

Project Summary

This research focuses on a first image perspective, which is on the personal level, in interpreting the Cuban Missile Crisis. Perception on individual level strongly influences international conflicts just as much as more materialistic conditions do, and this was also the case during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Threat perception of political decision-makers such as John F. Kennedy, Nikita Khrushchev, Robert McNamara, and Rodion Malinovsky will be analyzed as the main cause of the Cuban Missile Crisis, by looking into their remarks and memoirs.