Raluca Ioana Mocanu started her academic career at Bucharest University, where she received her Bachelors Diploma in Law and Master Diploma in Criminal Sciences. In 2005 she joined the Criminal Law Department of the Faculty of Law, while following her Doctoral Studies with a full scholarship, collaborating on seminars in Criminal Law and Criminology. Since 2008 she became a full member of Criminal Law Department. In 2010 she defended her Doctoral thesis at Bucharest University. In 2014 she presented the National Report on Romanian anti-terrorist law at the International Comparative Law Congress in Vienna. She has had several post-doctoral research scholarships, such as the Swiss Government Scholarship at Criminal Law Department, University of Fribourg (Sept. 2014- Sept. 2015), French Government Scholarship at the Institute for Criminal Sciences, Poitiers (Oct.-Dec. 2016) and a short-stay at Max Planck Institute for Foreign and Comparative Criminal Law, Freiburg-em-Breisgau. She practice as a lawyer, as a member of Bucharest Bar Association.

Project Summary

As terrorism remains a phenomenon with a huge capacity to reinvent itself, the research seeks to bring to Romania a new insight on a topic of most interest at present – the evolution of terrorism through last types of violent acts conceived and executed by so called ”self-radicalized” terrorists. In the last years, attacks perpetrated in Europe have followed the same scenario, confirming the constant growth of young men recruited and trained to strike their own country. Considering this, the research will focus on analyzing to what extent perpetrators share the same social, economic and psychological backgrounds, and based on this, whether it would be possible to identify a common pattern for second-generation migrants involved in the lastest attacks. The project intends to apply the conclusions to the new wave of immigration, a process that is evolving in Europe, in order to foresee preventive measures and legal responses through criminal and procedural dispositions.

Major Publications

  • Publication One(the Chapter for Romania (co-author G. Antoniu) in Comparative Counter-Terrorism Law„ edited by Kent Roach – Cambridge University Press, 2015
  • Publication Two`Fenomenul terorist. Legislatia anti-terorista romana. Studiu comparativ ` Universul Juridic, Bucharest, 2013
  • Publication ThreeInfractiuni privind drogurile. Jurisprudenta`, Hamangiu Ed., Bucharest, 2007