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Samantha Kuzma

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Acting Aqueduct Director, World Resources Institute

Full Biography

Samantha Kuzma researches, develops, and applies water-related data for a diverse set of projects. She is part of the Water, Peace, and Security (WPS) project, which aims to enable timely and effective responses to water-related challenges in hopes of mitigating conflict. Her work on this project includes building a machine learning model to forecast violent conflict around the world. Besides WPS, Sam also works on the Aqueduct Project. Her primary responsibility is to manage the update of Aqueduct Floods, a tool designed to identify coastal and riverine flood risks and analyze the costs and benefits of investing in flood protection. She also performs water risk assessments for corporate clients. Her ongoing research includes exploring the connection between water and conflict, promoting adaptation measures to combat future flood risk, and helping partners prioritize investments in watershed stewardship.