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Sergey Radchenko


Professional affiliation

Wilson E. Schmidt Distinguished Professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Wilson Center Projects

The First Fiddle: a History of the Cold War and After


Full Biography

Sergey Radchenko is Professor of International Relations at Cardiff University, UK. He has written widely on Soviet/Russian and Chinese foreign policies during the Cold War and after.


Major Publications

Two Suns in the Heavens: the Sino-Soviet Struggle for Supremacy (Wilson Centre Press / Stanford UP, 2009)

Unwanted Visionaries: the Soviet Failure in Asia (Oxford UP, 2014)

(with Campbell Craig) The Atomic Bomb and the Origins of the Cold War (Yale UP, 2008)

Previous Terms

Global Fellow, History and Public Policy Program, October 2014 - September 2018. Project Title: "China's Foreign Policy under Mao Zedong"

Public Policy Scholar, History and Public Policy Program, September-December 2013. Project Title: "China's Foreign Policy under Mao Zedong"

Short-term Scholar, Kennan Institute, May-June 2006. Project Title: The China Puzzle: Soviet Policy Toward the PRC, 1962-1967.