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Sergio Contreras

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

President & CEO, Rio Grande Valley Partnership and BTA Chairman  

Full Biography

Sergio Contreras is the President and CEO of the Rio Grande Valley Partnership. Mr. Contreras worked close to 20 years at AT&T as their Regional Manager of External Affairs.  As a lobbyist, Sergio was responsible for advocating for legislative policies that drove innovating technologies to the community. Mr. Contreras has served as a board of directors for multiple organizations, in Laredo, San Antonio, and is currently serving as Chair of the Border Trade Alliance, Executive Board member of the Texas Alliance for I-69, InvestEd TX Steering Committee, and on the Advisory Board of the RGV MPO. Mr. Contreras holds a degree in International Trade and a second in Human Services Recreation from Westmar University, Iowa, and an MBA from the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley.