Hong Seuk Ryule is a Associate Professor of the Department of History at Sungshin Women's University in Seoul. Professor Hong holds a Ph.D. in Korean History from Seoul National University. He has also spent time as a visiting Researcher at the University of Maryland at College Park(1999-2000). He specialized in the modern history of Korea, and specifically, U.S.-ROK and inter-Korean relations during the Park Chunghee administration.

Project Summary

This Research will explore the US-DPRK relations during Detente period from 1968 to 1979. It will pursue comprehensive understanding on the U.S-DPRK relationship. The US-DPRK relationship has not been bilateral. It always has linked with relations between two Koreas and between the U.S. and the PRC. Also, mutual perceptions and images on each other's state and people have seriously influence on relations between two countries. So, this research will conver these various aspects.

Major Publications

  • "The Reunification Issues and Civil Society in South Korea" The Journal of Asian Studies Vol. 42, No 3 (Sep. 30, 2002), The Association for Asian Studies.
  • Hysterics of Division-US-PRC Relationship and Korean Peninsular Analyzed from Newly Declassified Documents-, Changbi Pub, Paju, 2012(Korean Written)