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Shahid Javed Burki

Senior Scholar


    May 1, 2008 — April 30, 2016

    Professional affiliation

    Chairman, Advisory Council, Institute of Public Policy, Lahore, Pakistan

    Wilson Center Projects

    Stepping Back from the Abyss: Pakistan Under Pervez Musharraf" .

    Full Biography

    Since 1999, Mr. Burki has been CEO of EMP-Financial Advisors, LLC. From 1994-1999, he was Vice President of the Latin America and Caribbean Region of The World Bank. Prior to that time, he held other senior positions at The World Bank and, from 1996-1997, was Finance Minister of Pakistan. Mr. Burki holds degrees in physics and economics, as well as the M.P.A. from the Kennedy School of Harvard University. He was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University.

    Previous Terms

    May 01, 2008- Apr 01, 2010.