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Sophia Kishkovsky

    Professional affiliation

    Freelance journalist; Contributor, The New York Times and The Art Newspaper

    Full Biography

    Sophia Kishkovsky was based in Moscow from 1991-2020. She started as an intern in the Moscow bureau of The New York Times, and moved on to write for publications including Newsday and The Wall Street Journal Europe’s Central European Economic Review, and later worked as a researcher in The Washington Post’s Moscow bureau, reporting on the fall of the Soviet Union, the war in Chechnya and the rise of Russia’s oligarchs.

    In 1998, Ms. Kishkovsky began to write for The New York Times and its sister publication The International Herald Tribune, covering everything from politics to culture to travel to the Russian Orthodox Church. She has also written for Elle Decor, ARTNews, and The Art Newspaper.

    Ms. Kishkovsky studied Russian and Soviet history and literature at Yale. She was born in San Francisco.