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Susan Crate

Guest Speaker

    Professional affiliation

    Scholar, Fulbright Arctic Initiative; Professor of Anthropology, Department of Environmental Science and Policy, George Mason University

    Full Biography

    Susan A. Crate is a Professor of Anthropology in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at George Mason University, USA. An environmental and cognitive anthropologist, she has worked with indigenous communities in Siberia since 1988.  Her research focuses on operationalizing the engagement of the diversity of knowledge systems available in a given context to best understand how climate change was coming into local ecosystems and cultural worlds and to develop effective responses and policy prescriptions.  This research agenda has also expanded to arctic Canada, Peru, Wales, Kiribati, Mongolia and the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia.  She is the author of numerous peer-reviewed articles, two edited volumes, and two monographs.  Her service on international and national initiatives includes Member of the Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar Research, lead author on the IPCC Special Report on Oceans and Cryosphere and member of the American Anthropology Association’s Task Force on Climate Change.