Dr. Tao Chen is Assistant Professor of the Institute for German Studies at Tongji University, Shanghai. He was Research Fellow at Institut für Zeitgeschichte in Berlin, National Chengchi University in Taipei and Göttingen University. Chen's current research focuses on Sino-German/European relations since 1949, PRC's foreign policy and the transnational history between China and the West.

Project Summary

In 2016 and 2017, China was Germany's biggest trading partner in the world.  The Sino-German trade amounts to the total volume of China’s trade with the UK, France and Italy. Mainly based on the trade relations, the two countries have developed a “comprehensive strategic partnership”. This project will examine the official, quasi-official and civil channels of the Sino-West German trade relations and shed light on the guiding principles and policies of the P.R.C toward the Sino-German trade in the 1950s. Meanwhile, this project will investigate the German-American discussion, cooperation and conflicts at all levels regarding the German trade with China. Likewise, the measures, policies and tactics of the West German industries to influence the government (both West German and the US government), challenge the relevant embargo regulations, and finally repeal the economic embargo toward China will also be examined.