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Tatiana Felgenhauer

Professional affiliation

Independent Journalist

Full Biography

Tatiana Felgenhauer is an independent journalist based in Moscow. She hosts a show on her YouTube channel where she interviews leading Russian experts, activists, and politicians. Tatiana was Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Ekho Moskvy, the leading independent radio station in Russia that was put off air by the authorities on March 1, 2022 because of critical coverage of war in Ukraine. Tatiana started her career at Ekho in 2004 working as a correspondent, and covered domestic politics, protest movement, and impact of Putin’s militarized foreign policy on Russian society. In 2018 she was included in Time’s magazine Person of the Year as one of The Guardians, a selected group of journalists around the world lauded for their courageous reporting. Before that, in October 2017, Tatiana survived an assassination attempt at the station’s office in Moscow, and has returned to work less than two months after being stabbed in the neck. Beyond her work for Ekho Moskvy, Tatiana has hosted a regular show on TV Rain channel, was a columnist at Deutsche Welle, and authored special projects for Transparency International Russia. She holds an MA in political sociology from the Moscow State University of Education.

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