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Theresa Sabonis-Helf

Former Short-Term Scholar

Professional affiliation

Professor of the Practice and Concentration Chair, Science, Technology and International Affairs, Georgetown University

Full Biography

Theresa Sabonis-Helf is a Professor of the Practice at Georgetown University.  She is based in the Georgetown School of Foreign Service Master’s Degree program, and serves as the Inaugural Chair of the Science, Technology and International Affairs concentration.  Prior to joining Georgetown, she was a Professor of National Security Strategy at the National War College in Washington DC for 18 years.  She has lived and worked in seven countries of the Former USSR, has assisted two nations with the development of their first National Security Strategies, has written a textbook on Caucasus regional energy issues, and has co-edited two volumes on Central Asia's political and economic transition.  She has also published and lectured extensively on energy security, energy transition, climate change policies, critical infrastructure resilience and security, and post-Soviet energy and environmental issues.  She is a frequent advisor to NATO and to the US government, and a  member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  She holds a PhD in Political Science from Emory University, and an MPA in International Affairs from Princeton University.  She was a Kennan Institute Short-Term Scholar in Summer 1997.

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