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Tom Dine

Guest Speaker

    Professional affiliation

    Senior Policy Advisor, Israel Policy Forum; former President, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

    Full Biography

    Tom Dine is currently senior policy advisor at Israel Policy Forum (IPF), assisting with policy, programming and development decision-making in the Washington office. Mr. Dine served as chief executive officer of the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, as president of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in Prague, and as Assistant Administrator for Europe and the New Independent States of Eurasia at USAID. Most notably, he was the executive director of AIPAC from 1980-1993. Dine was educated at Colgate University (B.A., 1962), University of California/Los Angeles (M.A.) and Johns Hopkins University (M.A.) Dine, whose brother is the pop artist Jim Dine, was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines in 1962-1964. He was a Senior Analyst for the United States Senate Special Committee on National Emergencies and Delegated Powers in 1973-1974. Following this, he worked for the Senate Budget Committee in 1975-1978. In 1979-1980, he was an advisor to Senator Edmund Muskie on nuclear weapons policy and the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, and a defense and foreign policy advisor to Senator Edward M. Kennedy. He came to prominence as Executive Director of AIPAC in 1980-1993. In 1993-1997, he worked for U.S. Agency for International Development, as the Assistant Administrator for Europe and the New Independent States (NIS). Subsequently, based in Prague, he was the longest-serving director of Radio Free Europe, a post he left in November 2005 to become Chief Executive Officer of the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco.