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Full Biography

Wameedh Shakir has extensive field and policy gender experience in 12 governantes in Yemen, particularly in the areas of violence against women and legal protection. She has worked on a variety of women's issues including gender and economic empowerment, community development and equal participation, and NGO/CBO institutional and capacity building and humanitarian work. She has worked on gender and women's rights at Oxfam before that with the Women's Economic Empowerment Association funded by the Netherlands Embassy.

Her work with the SWMENA project has included working in collaboration with another Yemeni advisor to write the Yemen country report, and facilitating participation of key women’s leaders for SWMENA workshops. Wameedh continues to be SWMENA's on-the-ground advisor providing current news and updates, as well as keeping in touch with past SWMENA participants.

Throughout her career Wameedh has conducted and participated in several research projects, studies, and papers on areas such as: women's rights to legal protection, women and children's rights to protection against violence, and women's rights to citizenship and political participation.