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Xavier Delgado is a Canadian-born graduate of Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service. He joined the Canada Institute as an Analyst and Research Coordinator after working with the Institute as a Staff Intern while completing his undergraduate degree.


  • Canadian Political Economy
  • North American Security
  • Trade and Economic Policy

Full Biography

Xavier (Xavi) Delgado is an Analyst and Research Coordinator at the Wilson Center's Canada Institute. Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Xavi is a proud Canadian with a background in security and economic issues at the nexus of Canada-U.S. relations. His professional experiences include interning on the Trade and Economic Policy floor of the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC and working for the Vancouver-Granville Constituency Office. Additionally, he briefly worked with the Goethe Institut's Western Europe headquarters on digital outreach and marketing strategy. Xavi graduated from Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service in 2021, earning a B.S. in Foreign Service and an Honors Certificate from the Landegger Program in International Business Diplomacy.