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Xin Zhan

Former Short-term Scholar


    June 12, 2017 — August 25, 2017

    Professional affiliation

    Professor, Northeast Normal University, China

    Wilson Center Projects

    The United States, China and International Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime

    Full Biography

    Xin Zhan is a professor and director of Center for Cold War and Contemporary International Relations Studies, Northeast Normal University (Changchun, China). His research areas include the international nuclear nonproliferation regime and the history of Sino-American relations. He was a visiting scholar at the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University in 2009 and the Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica (Taipei) in 2015. He has published a number of articles in leading Chinese journals, including “On the United States’ Evaluations of and Counter-Measures Against China’s Nuclear Weapons Development (1961-1964)”, Contemporary China History Studies, No.3, 2001; “American Nuclear Strategy toward China and Sino-Soviet Border Conflict in 1969”, Chinese Communist History Studies, No.10, 2011. Zhan also published a book “Cold War and U.S. Nuclear Strategy” in 2013. He is publishing an article “Prelude of the Transformation: China’s Nuclear Arms Control Policy during the U.S-China Rapprochement, 1969-1976” in Diplomatic History and new book “the U.S. and Chinese Nuclear Program (1946-1976)” in 2017.

    Major Publications