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Yeora Chae

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Senior Research Fellow at Korea Environment Institute in Korea

Full Biography

Yeora Chae is a senior research fellow at the Korea Environment Institute in South Korea. Dr. Chae holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Ewha University in South Korea, a Msc.Degree in Climate change with distinction from the University of East Anglia, UK and a Ph.D. in Management studies from the University of Cambridge, UK. Dr. Chae have worked as a post-doctoral research associate at MIT, USA working on Mexico City Project. Her research specialty is integrated assessment of climate change and air pollution. Her research interests include economic analysis of climate change, co-benefits analysis of air quality and climate change policies. Recently, she is working on “Development of data-based impacts based heatwave forecast system,” “Integrated assessment of climate change mitigation and adaptation policies,” “Policy library of air quality, climate change policies in Korea, China, and Japan.”