Zubaidah is a senior official at the Prime Minister’s office (PMO) in Yemen, where she serves as the “Local Experts Team Leader.” She was the first Yemeni female to assume such responsibility and to be appointed for this position. She has held the position at the PMO in Sana’a since 2008, and now assumes her duties from Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with the legitimate president, the prime minister and other cabinet members due to the on-going fighting and warfare activities in Yemen and the emerging political, economic, cultural, and social crises. She represents the Government of Yemen in the works of the King Salman Centre For Relief and Humanitarian Aid in Riyadh. Her main task has been planning how to respond quickly to urgent needs of the community, as well as coordination and communication facilitating the works of the King Salman Centre officials, Gulf Countries, donors, including USAID and DFID, and the Yemeni officials in both Riyadh and Yemen. She
was delegated as a member of the legitimate government team that accompanied groups of technical advisers at UN negotiations in Geneva. She hopes to explore all possible solutions to solving Yemen’s current problems and inefficiencies, and that they’ll be attainable and tangibly established as soon as stability and security are realized with the formation of the best unity government in the coming near future.