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The New Security Broadcast

16 episodes

As a successor to ECSP's long-running Friday Podcasts, the New Security Broadcast aims to inform the most pressing issues of our time by bringing new voices to the policy space, and helping our audience better understand complex connections between environmental change, global health, demographic trends, gender dynamics, and security. This podcast shares new research and policy responses, features ECSP insights, showcases the Wilson Center’s regional and thematic programs, and highlights cutting-edge researchers, experts on the ground, and policymakers who are grappling with today’s biggest issues. 



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Iris Ferguson Headshot
Environmental Security
Relief, Recovery, and Peace: A Follow-up Interview with DAS Iris Ferguson
21:22February 16, 2024
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Wildlife Trade
Green Corruption: Dissecting a Recent Wilson Center Event
20:06December 12, 2023
Iris Ferguson Headshot
Security and Defense
Relief, Recovery, and Peace: Iris Ferguson on COP28’s New Theme
19:32November 13, 2023
Introducing "The Arc"
2:27November 3, 2023

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