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Economic Development

Viable and sustainable economic development in the Arctic is required to realize the full potential of a region that lacks, in many part of the Arctic, basic investments in infrastructure, services, or scalable commerce with linkages from local communities to global markets.

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From rare earth minerals to renewable energies; from nuclear icebreakers to new shipping lanes; from smart cities to remote communities—the Arctic is increasingly opening to the global economy. However, venture capital has been slow to arrive in the Arctic and in a manner that is locally informed and supported, provides local to global benefits, and meets community needs while reinforcing strong community.

Wilson Center entrusted with Critical Arctic Documents from Guggenheim Partners

Highlight: Polar Institute receives Infrastructure Inventory

In December 2019, Guggenheim Partners transferred its Arctic Infrastructure Inventory to the Polar Institute. The Inventory, alongside the Arctic Economic Council's Arctic Investment Protocol, will help guide investment in and research of infrastructure projects in the Arctic.

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