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Gold Fields Arctic Platinum, Suhanko Mine

Project Description

Suhanko Arctic Platinum (“SAP”) consists of three large project areas in northern Finland, named Suhanko, Narkaus and Penikat, and covers large undeveloped platinum, palladium and gold (PGEAu) deposits with significant by-product copper and nickel. The deposits are shallow and subcrop below thin overburden for many kilometres.The total SAP project area, including new applications and tenement renewals, amounts to 140.67 square kilometres (14,067 hectares). There has been no commercial mining of these deposits but Suhanko, the most advanced project, is at a technical feasibility stage. The Suhanko area consists of exploited commercial forest and swamp and the project has strong support from local stakeholders. Notably, Suhanko and Narkaus are not located near environmentally sensitive Natura 2000 areas.

Project Details


Development Type

Country / Developer



Budget / Cost

Estimated at 1.767B USD