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SSAB, Luleå, blast furnace upgrade

Project Description

SSAB Production facilitiy - SSAB’s blast furnace in Luleå, Sweden is now turning out premium quality crude iron after undergoing full modernization lasting more than three months. After 15 years in constant operation, the Luleå blast furnace has undergone complete modernization and is set to continue production for another 15-20 years. In addition to replacing the hearth carbon refractories and furnace cooling staves, a new casthouse dedusting filter was fitted. This benefits the environment through less dust emissions, less noise and a better workplace environment. Also the two converters were renewed at the steel mill in Luleå, where the old coke plant quenching tower was also replaced, which again means less dust emissions into the surroundings. Products made: Slabs Other services: Coke production, crude iron production, steel processing, continuous casting, production, continuous casting Product end uses: Other steel mills

Project Details


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Budget / Cost

Estimated at 236M USD