By Catherine Conaghan with comments by Carlos Basombrio Iglesias


From the Preface

This paper represents part of the work done by Catherine Conaghan, Associate Professor of Political Science, Queen's University, Kingston Ontario, when she was a Guest Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center during the winter months of 1995. While at the Center, Conaghan was researching a book focusing on the political changes in Peru in the wake of President Fujimori's autogolpe of
April 1992. Carlos Basombrio, who has written the commentary, was a Woodrow Wilson Center Fellow during the 1994-95 academic year, and has since returned to the Instituto de Defensa Legal in Lima, Peru. Both Conaghan and Basombrio participated in a March 16, 1995, seminar at the Center on "Peru's Upcoming Elections: Prospects for Democratization." They were joined at the time by George Washington University Professor of Political Science Cynthia McClintock, and Peruvian Ambassador to the United States Ricardo V. Luna.