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Convocation 2.0 - The Report | Strengthening the U.S.-Mexico Relationship

Convocation 2.0 Cover Page
Convocation 2.0 Cover Page

Convocation is a program led by the U.S. Mexico Foundation and the Mexico Institute at the Wilson Center that brings together more than a dozen former ambassadors from the United States to Mexico and from Mexico to the United States, to discuss key elements of the present and the future of the bilateral relationship. 

In January 2020, twelve former ambassadors convened for the first time in San Antonio, Texas, to discuss a wide array of components of the bilateral relationship such as economics and trade, migration, security, and soft power. The main takeaways from the discussion were published in “Convocation: A Vision for a Stronger U.S. Mexico Partnership” and presented to bilateral stakeholders and interest groups, including cabinet level officials in both countries. 

In December 2021, the distinguished group convened once again, for three days of working sessions in Tequila, Jalisco. During these sessions, the former ambassadors discussed the areas of opportunity for the bilateral relationship including strategic alignment of North American economies, workforce development and labor mobility, public security, and soft power.

The recommendations from these discussions can be found in "Convocation 2.0 - The Report." 

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