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From Crisis to Convergence: A Strategy to Tackle Balkans Instability at its Source

Cover of report
Cover of report

This publication is jointly published by the Foreign Policy Institute at Johns Hopkins SAIS and Wilson Center's Global Europe Program

There is a clear path for the U.S. and its European partners to reverse—not just contain—the alarming deterioration in the Balkans.  U.S.-led 'convergence' over Kosovo will transform the stalled EU Dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina—and the entire region, including Bosnia-Herzegovina.  'Convergence' will alter Serbia's strategic calculus, curtail malign Russian and Chinese influence in the region, and finally close the three-decade Yugoslav crisis.

About the Author

Edward Joseph

Edward P. Joseph

Title VIII Supported Short-Term Scholar;
Senior Fellow, SAIS Foreign Policy Institute, Fomer Macedonia Project Director, International Crisis Group
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