Wilson Center Reports on the Americas No. 12: Decentralization and Democratic Governance in Latin America

This volume explores one of the crucial intersections of political and economic change: how the reform of the central state in the form of policies of decentralization has affected democratic governance in different countries and at different levels of society.The book is a product of a two-year project on decentralization which included both national-level and comparative research on decentralization.  Two scholars from each of five countries (Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Guatemala, and Mexico) met at the outset of the project to present papers and to discuss the experiences of their countries comparatively.  Later, each team organized a national forum on decentralization and democratic governance that included scholars; national, regional, and local government officials; civil society representatives; and representatives of the business community.  In light of these debates and the comparative discussion among the research team, the participating researchers revised their papers for this volume.