Yearly publications summarizing the Brazil Institute’s activities and initiatives for the year, and outlining its mission and future goals.

A collection of summaries from key Brazil Institute events, starting in 2016.

A new section with short articles and essay collections offering policy recommendations on critical issues. More to come!

Publications of lectures given at the Brazil Institute by some of the foremost legal experts in Brazil, including members of the Brazilian Supreme Court, on the themes of democracy, rule of law, the fight against corruption; electoral rules, and campaign financing.
Think Brazil is committed to providing relevant and thoughtful commentary on pressing social, economic, environmental, and political issues impacting Brazil and Brazil-U.S. relations.
InoVozes creates and collects interviews, articles, and other content to promote dialogue with emerging leaders and movements in Brazil’s political landscape, in an effort to support debate and dialogue on political reform and political engagement in Brazil.
A one-stop hub for information about the 2018 Brazilian general elections. The portal features analysis and a variety of informational content, such as articles, infographics, and election-related events held at the Wilson Center.
A collection of older Brazil Institute publications and briefs, dating back to the year 2000.