The Leadership Project works closely with governments and international organizations to plan and implement country-specific leadership training interventions. Its founding methodology is based on the importance of inclusivity, interest-based negotiation training, and demonstration of interdependence to help rebuild fractured government systems and create greater collaborative capacity in post-conflict countries. Key Leadership Project programming consists of in-country training interventions for leaders in societies emerging from violent conflict, designed to rebuild trust and foster better communication and negotiation skills.

In 2006, the Leadership Project implemented the training program in Liberia. The program targeted mainly top government officials and legislative representatives from multiple political parties, ethnicities and religious backgrounds and included both men and women in order to obtain buy-in to continue to expand the program to the local population. In the past two years, the program has continued to evolve, completing its first county-level training program in 2010 that incorporated Liberian leaders from all levels of society, including traditional chiefs, county superintendents, and civil society representatives. The Leadership Project hopes to continue this program in the future.

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