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Security & Rule of Law

The Mexico Institute continues to focus on the challenges facing Mexico in the areas of the rule of law and US-Mexico security cooperation, and will continue to produce policy-relevant research in this area.

Security, security collaboration, and organized crime have continued to be major issues on the bilateral agenda. Efforts to strengthen the capacity of law enforcement institutions, intelligence sharing, and investments in violence prevention programs have been the center piece of the bilateral agenda. In this context, the Institute has continued its cutting edge research and publications focused in key areas of concern for policymakers such as money laundering, firearms trafficking, and efforts to build greater technical capacity within the police and justice sector. The Institute's efforts also include looking at the role of civic engagement in promoting public security in Mexico, as well as transparency and rule of law in Mexico.

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Project: Accessing Justice: Femicide and the Rule of Law in Latin America

The Mexico Institute, along with the Brazil Institute, Latin American Program, and the Maternal Health Initiative, has launched a project examining gender-based violence in Latin America with a focus on its most extreme form, femicide—the killing of a woman due to her gender—through a rule of law perspective.

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Annual US-Mexico Security Conference

Each year, the Mexico Institute hosts its annual US-Mexico Security Conference, which reviews the previous year in US-Mexico security and examines the pressing security challenges Mexico faces in the year ahead. The most recent conference, our eighth, was held in January 2020.

Watch our Eighth Annual US-Mexico Security Conference